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( somarium ) cross my fingers.

title: cross my fingers.
rating: nc-17.
summary: being discreet with a secret relationship is hard when one of them is hard-headed.
pairings: suzaku/lelouch.
warning: pwp, window sex.
Being discreet with things is hard when Suzaku insists on pushing people up against a window and fucking them until their voice is hoarse.

Granted, he's not whining about it -- Lelouch vi Britannia doesn't whine -- and he knows that if he had kept his hands to himself earlier, he wouldn't even be in this position to begin with. (Note to fuck(ed)ing self: take care in specifying what you want and how you want it to your partner.) Again, he's not whining about it, because he's certainly enjoying it enough when Suzaku thrusts hard enough to knock him back against the window (and it is not Suzaku's name that he cries, he wants to tell himself in a blatant show of denial); so, no, he's not whining.  Whining is for children and thick-headed individuals who can't handle the rules set out before them.

Really, what did he say to bring this side of Suzaku out so that he could say it again next time?  And where did it hide all of this time- under all of that soft, curly brown hair on top of his head?  If that's the case, maybe he just needs to run his hands through Suzaku's hair again.

(It's a comfort that Suzaku's hands are on his waist, keeping him grounded when he doesn't feel like supporting himself anymore, his own hands sliding on the glass and making such awful squeaking noises.)

"Suzaku," he growls (that is definitely Suzaku's name) when he suddenly loses all of the warmth he previously had, including the warmth that had been inside of him.  Lelouch has enough sense to throw a hot glare over his shoulder before he damn near collapses-

-- Suzaku's arms are around him before he makes it very far, secure around his waist whilst turning him around to quickly press his back into the window so that he can see the apologetic smile on his (ex-)knight's face.  There are arms hooking under his knees, lifting him (effortlessly) for the sake of easier access. 

His disapproval almost clears away instantly when Suzaku rocks his way back in (gently, always gentle when he starts), making him forget what he was previously angry about with a quick kiss strategically placed so that he'd follow Suzaku's lips when he pulled away.

It's not odd in the least when he suddenly doesn't know what to do with his hand, first scratching the window as Suzaku works a rhythm back up before trying to grab the drapes so he can hang on to something.  And it's not odd when Lelouch just gives up and grabs Suzaku's shoulders, pulling him close and hugging them, panting harshly in his ear.

Lelouch can't hear anything passed the heavy thrum in his ears (Suzaku can't either, Lelouch's panting being most predominant whether he wants it to or not).  His fingers rake down Suzaku's back, skin smooth when his fingertips first dig in, nails eventually tearing when Suzaku's hips drive in quicker than he'd expected. 

He doesn't try to apologize, instead pressing his lips to the other man's own and trying to get used to the sensation of Suzaku's quickened movements so that he, too, can enjoy it once more.

(And Suzaku returns it with something of an open-mouthed kiss, moaning into Lelouch's mouth to muffle the noise like the first time they fucked and Lelouch scratched him, leaving marks for Schneizel to politely inquire about later on.)

He doesn't need to tell Suzaku to 'let go' like last time, doesn't have to let him know when to do 'harder' or 'faster', because Suzaku is already doing that on his own as if he knows (and Lelouch wouldn't be surprised if he did), arms shaking from exertion as he keeps Lelouch steady up against the window.  The support warms Lelouch, making him cling harder, squeezing with his palms and huffing against Suzaku's lips. 

Slowly he's brought near the edge, a rapid staccato of "ah, ah, ah" to match Suzaku's pace as Suzaku turns his face into his neck, breathing against his skin in ragged pants before mouthing the flesh to muffle his own noises.  Lelouch's head hits the glass hard when he throws it back and moans as he feels a (new) bruise (hickey) being sucked and bit as an imprint on his skin, spurning Suzaku to pull his mouth back and say, "Wrap your legs around my waist- and hang on.  Please."

Attempting to follow the simple order (because he knows that Suzaku has only tacked that 'please' on because he is Suzaku), Lelouch finds it more difficult to do in practice than it was in theory.  His legs tremble as they strain to squeeze when Suzaku's arms stop holding them up, feeling Suzaku's hands on his thighs as they grope their way upwards.  One (pleasantly) finds his cock, immediately pumping furiously at the discovery, while the other runs up his side and under his arm, before moving around to the back of his shoulder until the backs of Suzaku's fingers brush against his jaw. 

Lelouch manages a quick ngh fuck, sending a glare outside (the sun still shining, still a few hours from
setting) before he squeezes his eyes shut and opens his mouth to moan, lowly, again.

And when it's all over so soon after that, Lelouch finds himself being cradled in Suzaku's lap as his body tingles in the aftermath.  Suzaku- well, Suzaku is still holding him, hands smoothing over his lower back, rubbing in gentle circles.  It's enough to have Lelouch press his face into Suzaku's shoulder, letting himself get some form of rest before Suzaku decides to ask or say something stupid and ruin the moment.

What surprises him is that Suzaku does nothing more than pick him up and stand up, carrying him to the bed and laying him down (like the valiant knight he truly is, even if he won't admit it).  But, Lelouch is tugging Suzaku in with him, the latter hesitating before he slips in too and settles on his side, propping his elbow up and settling his cheek on his palm, watching the Emperor curiously until he eventually opens his mouth and asks, "What?"

Lelouch shakes his head and slides over closer to Suzaku, hands reaching out again to run over the other male's chest, in between muscles and up to dip in the hollow above his collarbone.  His eyes narrow in approval when Suzaku shivers a bit and he opens his mouth, pressing a wet kiss against Suzaku's jaw.

"C.C. knows." A pause. "She figured it out on her own."

He obtains an indifferent shrug for his words, eyes following the movement. "It happens.  If she didn't figure it out by herself, you would have ended up telling her anyway," Suzaku says as he turns away then, staring at the window as if he didn't just fuck Lelouch against it.

Lelouch's brow furrows and he frowns, clearly displeased.  But, before he can speak up Suzaku is continuing, "It doesn't matter.  I don't care.  Schneizel knows, too." And, it's his turn to pause, and he sounds amused when he ploughs on, "I ended up telling him."

Son of a --
Tags: c: c.c., c: lelouch vi britannia, c: schneizel el britannia, c: suzaku kururugi, p: suzaku/lelouch, r: nc-17, rpg: somarium, type: ou, | code geass
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