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( cgkinkmemeii ) ring.

title: ring.
rating: nc-17.
summary: lelouch is a transfer student from france and suzaku is the person assigned to show him around.
pairings: suzaku/lelouch.
warnings: ninja!angst, sex.
Suzaku was (reasonably) irritated.

When he woke up, he was greeted with the news that his roommate, Gino, had already left to go to Paris by way of their neighbor the next dorm room over; nevermind that Suzaku was never told that the Britannian was going to Paris in the first place. It explained a lot of things, though; Gino had been prancing about for a week, hollering words in French and their English meanings. At one point, he made Suzaku help him- and Suzaku wasn't the most knowledgeable in any language that wasn't taught to him by his father or the teachers at school (which limited his knowledge to Japanese and Britannian, and he was fluent in both).

So when Gino started yelling something that sounded like 'bon whore', Suzaku was forced, by the dean, to help Gino correctly say those... words. While he had absolutely no problem helping the eccentric blond, there was the matter that not even Suzaku knew how to pronounce the words right. Luckily for them both, Suzaku's ex girlfriend agreed to help out as well.

Which brought Suzaku to his current problem, eyeballing the pink-haired woman who decided to stay a little while longer (because of the snow, she says) and lounge on his bed after Gino left. There was a note on Suzaku's dresser (something about 'I'll see you when I get back in two weeks!' in Gino's scribble-like handwriting) which furthered his agitation. It would have been nice of Gino to take Euphemia with him when he left and at least escorted her back to the girl's dorm, but no.

That was when the phone rang and Suzaku quickly snapped his hand out to answer before Euphemia could get to it, trying to keep his voice level as he answered, "Hello?"

"Ah, yes, Suzaku! The young man who will be living with you for the next two weeks is here. Would you mind coming to the main building and picking him up? I'm afraid he doesn't know his way around and would get lost on the way there," a cheerful voice said, clearly feminine and clearly the dean's secretary Cecile.

All in all, Suzaku was grateful for the distraction.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a few- what does he look like," Suzaku asked, looking to Euphy and mouthing a quick 'get up, I'm taking you home' to her before he heard Cecile inhale.

"He's quite handsome! You'll know it's him when you see me, believe me."

"Ah. Well, if that'll be all..."

"Of course. I apologize for the inconvenience; have a nice day, Suzaku," the woman said kindly before hanging up.

It wasn't an inconvenience, but Suzaku was too late to answer. Instead, he hung up the phone and gave Euphy a frown when he noticed she hadn't moved yet. "Come on. You can't stay."

She frowned right back at him before her eyes lit up (mischievously, he knew) and she clapped her hands together. "Would you please let me come with you? You're picking the boy up, aren't you?" Denying Euphemia was always hard, certainly, but in the past month Suzaku learned that it was getting easier over time. So when Suzaku shook his head, Euphemia knew he was serious.

By the time she slipped her shoes on, Suzaku was grabbing the keys (his and the spare that Gino left), and was walking out the door.

The girl's dorm was right across the street, so when Suzaku and Euphemia walked out of the boy's dorm the male knew he didn't have to walk far before he could be free of the woman who broke his heart. The wounds were still fresh, and he wasn't quite ready to give in to her sweet charms again. (Not while he was still trying to forgive himself.)

But, the young man was kind, and good at keeping things in. His heart may have been broken, but his resolve wasn't; he would move on, find someone better, and he would love them. He and Euphemia were foolish and naive; their ideals matched, and both wanted to work to try and make the world a better place. Suzaku loved her ideals, but when it came to loving her as a woman... he was sure he could do it, convincing himself that it would be okay back then and even now, when he's hopeless and just looking to continue the day without any further complications.

Even now, as it snowed and snowed and snowed, Suzaku allowed himself to think that he really loved her. Some part of him really was in love with her; another, bigger part of him was just wary and tired of the expectations. She was a beautiful, caring, sweet girl, always lending him her ear when he needed someone to talk to, always needing him, wanting him, holding him- but never really knowing him, and that was one of the problems. The other problem was that he never really felt right with her. There was someone out there just for him, and she wasn't that person.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Suzaku," came her voice, cutting through his thoughts like a knife through butter. He looked at her and nodded, trying to match her smile and succeeding; she was placated by it and even went so far as to reach out and hug him tight before she pulled away and ran off. Suzaku wasn't given the chance to hug her back- which suited him just fine in the end as it meant he could continue walking.

The walk to the school wasn't hard; Suzaku's mood had improved since Euphemia left his company, and the fresh air cleansing his mind of the negative thoughts. When the double doors opened to let him in (clear, clean, automatic), the brunet walked in in long strides, wanting to get to his destination quickly in fear of making his new, temporary roommate wait any longer. It's then that his eyes have glanced off to the side, catching sight of a tall, dark-haired man who didn't look a year older than eighteen.

Ah. Pretty face, was the first thought that crossed his mind. The second was Wait, and the final: Is that him? Suzaku stopped walking then and turned the other male's way, eying him up and down. Black hair, long legs and fingers, violet eyes, and expensive-looking clothing- was that what Cecile meant when she said he would recognize him right away? He decided to take a chance, giving a big wave with both of his arms in the air as he shouted, "Hey!"

That caught the other's attention, a (mechanical-seeming) smile stretching across his face as he walked over to Suzaku, getting closer than what should have been proper. "Bonjour," he greeted, and it didn't sound like what it did when Gino said it, which made Suzaku blink. The stranger suddenly being in Suzaku's personal space was something that irked Suzaku a bit, but then the man questioned, "Ah- Monsieur Suzaku? Monsieur Suzaku Kururugi?"

"Y-yeah... um, how did you...?" For emphasis, he lowered his arms and gestured around him to the otherwise empty lobby area.

It had the (taller?) man laughing, rich and (lovely, Suzaku thought) unreserved. Soon after that, he took a step back and said, as his right hand reached up and his fingers brushed under Suzaku's left eye gently, "Vos yeux sont très verts. Elles sont belles."

All Suzaku could manage to that, besides his widening eyes, was: "What." It's only now that Suzaku noticed that the way Lelouch said it made it sound so French that Suzaku was beginning to think this student came from France-

-- oh. "You- uhhh, you came from France?" Wait, no, that wasn't what he wanted to ask. "I mean... can you speak English?" How was he supposed to communicate with the Frenchman when he wasn't even sure if he understood what he was trying to say to him?

His answer came to him in the form of an elegantly raised eyebrow and the crisp words: "Oui, je suis venu de France. Je peux écrire en anglais, mais ne le parle pas."

Suzaku had absolutely no idea what the other was saying.

After a few moments of standing there and letting the man that he just met brush his fingers along his face (feeling like itching wherever the fingers left their butterfly touches), he finally sighs and reaches up to push the other's hands away from where they were on his cheeks. That was enough of that, Suzaku decided; his other hand reached out to catch one of them when they fell away, shaking it firmly.

"I'm... Suzaku Kururugi and I'll be your roommate for the next to weeks. I'm sorry I can't speak your language, but- but, I'll try my best to communicate with you through other ways. Um, what's your name?" He inquired, attention grabbed when he felt the other man's hand shake his own back, fingers brushing against his wrist as if telling him it was okay.

Violet eyes glimmered and lips were stuck in a smile directed at him.

"Lelouch Lamperouge- quant à la communication... nous pouvons toucher les uns les autres," 'Lelouch' offered, clutching Suzaku's hand and turning it over to expose his warm palm and calloused skin.

Suzaku knew what toucher meant, as well as communication, had heard Euphemia use it and listened to her explain a few choice words to him, and thought he knew the gist of what Lelouch was talking about. When the Frenchman held his hand in one of his own, the back of his hand against Lelouch's palm with his own palm face up, he still couldn't help but wonder what he was going to do. As Lelouch's other hand rose, it flattened and his fingers pressed into the middle of his palm, circling in a soothing manner. His cheeks heated up in embarrassment, but otherwise he let Lelouch do as he pleased.

It was going to be an interesting two weeks, if what Suzaku was guessing was right- about Lelouch planning on using touch to get his words across. It was nice, sure, and it was only two weeks before Gino would come back and Lelouch would leave. Though, if he had to choose between Gino touching him because he wanted to and could, and Lelouch touching him because he had to and- well, could, Suzaku would have chose Gino (probably).

Lelouch was friendly enough and certainly very pretty, but there was a huge language barrier between them- it meant that Suzaku would have to spend more time with Euphemia than usual, and --

Suzaku's eyes followed Lelouch's fingers when they curled in and left only one slender digit to point against his skin. That single index finger traced letters against his palm (t-o-u-c-h), and suddenly Suzaku understood why he wanted to touch so much. He eyed Lelouch's belongings then (three dark duffel bags), and looked back at his hand just in time to see the next word (r-o-o-m).

While they were monosyllabic, he understood them and that was enough.

The walk back to the boy's dorm was stranger than the walk to the school, by far. For one: Lelouch had Suzaku carry two of his bags, himself carrying one for the way there. And for two: Lelouch was chattering away in his native language (about what, Suzaku wasn't sure), making it hard for the other male to keep up with him. Eventually that seemed to tire Lelouch's voice box out; but when that happened and Lelouch stopped talking, Suzaku felt one of Lelouch's fingers (the left index finger) curl around the pinky of his free (right) hand. It was- strangely intimate of him, but easy to hide when other students passed them and he hid their hands behind him.

They went inside, Lelouch being the one to open the doors, and quickly made their way to the elevator before Suzaku took his hand away from Lelouch and held up three fingers. "Third floor," and then four fingers, "and the fourth door on your," an 'L' shape, "left side."

Lelouch acknowledged the information with a nod as he pushed the third button and waited for the elevator to close and take them up.


The first seven days passed peacefully enough, all things considered. Suzaku found himself far more invested in Lelouch that he originally thought he would be; Lelouch was someone new and interesting, and he couldn't help but follow Lelouch with his eyes whenever he walked into the room. He had that air about him that screamed look at me- and look Suzaku and everyone around them did (especially the girls, eyes taking him apart layer by layer to see what's underneath).

One of the things that fascinated Suzaku the most was Lelouch's rapt interest in the piano in the music room. Suzaku's only heard him play twice, and both times Lelouch noticed he was there and stopped playing immediately. Suzaku remembered a word that Gino was learning before he left the country (a word he said he'd use to compliment the ladies with), and echoed it to Lelouch the second time around.


He knew he didn't pronounce it right, but the smile on Lelouch's face was worth the initial confusion and slight humiliation; it was a small word for something grand and beautiful, but as long as Lelouch appreciated it it was fine. Suzaku felt that the smile he was being shown was something that told him he accepted Suzaku's presence in the room. At least, that was the impression he got when Lelouch waved him over to the bench and allowed him to sit down next to him.

What else intrigued Suzaku was the fact that Lelouch really liked wine- expensive wine. That is, enough to go out late at night and then come back with a fresh bottle of it every three days so far; there wasn't a time yet when Suzaku came home from the school's dojo and didn't see Lelouch with a glass of it. Naturally, he wondered how old Lelouch was, and when he asked Lelouch he just blinked at him and told him, "Vingt-deux. Et vous?"

"Ah... I'm- assuming that you're asking me the same?" He asked, pointing to himself to help Lelouch understand.

"Oui," he confirmed with a nod, only to watch Suzaku hold up two fingers and then one. Lelouch smiled and leaned over in his seat at his desk, picking the wine bottle up from its perch on the floor and turning in the chair to offer it to Suzaku. "Buvez avec moi?"

Suzaku shook his head and raised his hands in the air, slowly turning to walk over to his bed and sit down on it. He heard the sound of glass being set down behind him, quiet but distinct and thought that Lelouch set the wine bottle back down. Then there was the sound of the chair moving, and feet shuffling before Suzaku sat down fully, green eyes returning to watch Lelouch rise from his seat and really look at him.

What really got him though, was the way Lelouch looked at him after he's had a few glasses. The predatory glint in his eyes as he tilted his head to the side and watched Suzaku when he squirmed under the gaze that spoke of nothing but promises that he knew Lelouch (would) could keep. It was at those times (like now), when Suzaku knew, for certain, that Lelouch held something for him. A feeling, maybe, whether it be lust or some sort of twisted admiration.

It was why Suzaku reached out this time, hands searching for Lelouch's through the area in front of him.
Lelouch seemed to know what Suzaku wanted, walking over and taking his hands, fingers entwining easily. "Suzaku," he muttered lowly, his thick accent shining through in clicks and slurs and it sounded- well, it sounded hot when Lelouch wasn't calling him 'Monseiur Suzaku'. If Lelouch were a woman, Suzaku would have acted on the impulse he experienced at these times.

The impulse to pull Lelouch close to him and kiss him.

(At those times, Suzaku feared Lelouch would be able to read his mind, and would lean in and kiss him.)

When Lelouch stepped forward and knelt down, pressing his knee against the bedding next to Suzaku's left thigh and causing it to dip, Suzaku knew that Lelouch was either a) a mind reader, or b) wanted to kiss him, too. Around the time that Lelouch's lips touched his, he decided that he didn't really care that much anymore and yanked Lelouch by his hands until his body collided with Suzaku's own, making Suzaku lay back and bring Lelouch with him. He wrung his hands away from Lelouch's, moving one to Lelouch's shoulder and the other to his cheek, tilting Lelouch's chin and deepening the kiss.

On the eighth day, Suzaku woke up next to his French roommate under the blankets, fully clothed but contented. It was snowing again.

("Il neige au début de Britannia," Lelouch said when they arrived in the room, dropping his bag right where he stood after the door shut and dusting the powdery snow off of his shoulders.

After he set Lelouch's other two bags down by Gino's (Lelouch's) bed, Suzaku peeked over his shoulder and blinked. "What? I heard Britannia and debut, but I don't think you're talking about someone's... debut?" He asked before beginning to take the sheets off of Gino's bed, alongside the pillow case (which came off without a fight, making Suzaku smile). "We'll go out and get you a new set of everything for the bed. Gino took the extra set with him to Paris, so..."

The other shook his head when Suzaku took his bed set off for him and merely settled on watching him, eventually looking away and out the window above the nightstand nearest to Suzaku's bed to watch it snow.

Slowly, Suzaku reached over and ran his fingers through Lelouch's hair, enjoying the silky feel of it on his fingertips. His eyes admired the way Lelouch looked so peaceful and unguarded when he was sleeping beside him, and yet when he was awake... when Suzaku really thought about it, Lelouch was only relaxed (if even remotely) when he was with Suzaku.

For some reason, that fact slapped a huge grin on Suzaku's face.

He felt Lelouch stir, his body moving in closer to Suzaku's instinctively for warmth. Immediately, Suzaku was wrapping his arms around him, letting himself enjoy the moment as much as he could. When Lelouch woke up, he was bound to be angry at him for taking advantage of him when he was obviously tipsy from all of the wine he drank (even if they only kissed and touched each other, as curious as two kittens with each other's body), and Suzaku wasn't willing to face Lelouch's rage that early in the morning. If he was going to go through it, he was going to weasel everything he could out of the moments before it.

Five minutes was all it took after Lelouch moved for Suzaku to feel Lelouch's face being pressed into his neck and Lelouch's tongue being run across his skin.

Well. That was unexpected.

So unexpected, even, that the younger of the two jerked back until he hit the wall his bed was up against and his cheeks flushed red. He reached up with the hand that was in Lelouch's hair to cover where Lelouch licked in complete disbelief, staring bewildered as the Frenchman got up on all fours and stretched out as he crawled over Suzaku's legs. Suzaku watched in awe as Lelouch craned his neck when he got close enough and kissed him once, before he moved his hands up to Suzaku's shoulders and sat on Suzaku's thighs, his own straddling Suzaku's legs.

All the while a (sexy) smirk was displayed on Lelouch's pretty face. His hands (lovely and long-fingered) rubbed circles on Suzaku's shoulders, eyes lit with an unveiled amusement. "Bonjour," Lelouch finally breathed out, kissing Suzaku again and even going so far as to nuzzle his left cheek afterward. "Comment vous sentez-vous?"

"B-bon... jour?" Suzaku tried, barely managing to not make the same mistake as Gino (constantly being in Lelouch's presence helped). The second bit, though... "You're... asking me how I am, right?"

"Oui," Lelouch answered simply, breathing down Suzaku's neck warmly and making him shiver. Suzaku couldn't tell if Lelouch understood him or was just pleased with the way he was talking.

"Uh..." He searched his (very limited) French vocabulary from when he and Euphy were helping Gino, trying to find the appropriate word to state his current state of being. "M-mal?"

... He was pretty sure that wasn't it by the way Lelouch frowned and then broke out into a big smile, hands dragging down Suzaku's shoulders and chest.

"Permettez-moi de le fixer."

Suzaku was also sure that meant something about permitting him to fix something? It was too late for Suzaku for say no when Lelouch scooted back to settle in between his legs and began kissing down his chest. Even worse was when Lelouch kissed the button on his pants -- he hadn't changed out of his school uniform, other than throwing his jacket on the floor and undoing his tie when he walked in the room -- and he realized that he woke up with morning wood. Which, is this predicament, wasn't as much bad as it was not needed. Lelouch's fingers were already working to undo the button before a snap and a (really fucking) long zip later those same hands were tugging on his belt loops. He had no choice other than to lift his hips and allow Lelouch to pull his pants off, watching him throw them to the floor in an uncaring manner.

Opening his mouth then as he was over his shock, Suzaku reached out to put a hand on Lelouch's cheek. "Lelouch," he tried. "You don't have to do this. I... can just use the bathroom- god, you don't understand a word I'm saying, but please try to understand me." With a hand caressing Lelouch's cheek, Suzaku pulled him up by it and kissed him good and long.

When Lelouch pulled away from him, one hand on Suzaku's chest and the other sliding down and into Suzaku's boxers to grasp his erection directly -- "Nng," Suzaku managed brokenly -- his mouth brushed against Suzaku's cheek and to his earlobe, licking it gently. And then he whispered in that accent of his, the hand on Suzaku's chest moving to push the top line of his boxers down enough to expose his cock: "Want this."

Suzaku wasn't sure what to think for the umpteenth time, but when that man's mouth moved back down to where it had been when he undid his zipper and he was enveloped in wet heat (good god), Suzaku knew he wasn't thinking a god damn thing.

The day passed quickly after that. They shared kiss after kiss and Suzaku discovered that Lelouch was learning English from listening to him talk (he was a fast learner, as it seemed), so when they weren't kissing he was lying on his bed with Lelouch and telling him about his family, his life, and his aspirations. He told Lelouch that his father was the Prime Minister of Japan who shipped him off to Britannia to 'follow his dreams', that his mother died from blood loss after giving birth to him (failing to mention how unbelievably guilty he felt about it and that he'll never forgive himself), and that while he had no brothers or sisters, he had a cousin named Kaguya that he was close to. Eventually, realizing that Lelouch probably couldn't understand a word he said, Suzaku stopped blabbering and looked at him; when he noticed that Lelouch was smiling at him, eyes lit with (adoration?) admiration, the brunet continued talking.

It came to the point where Suzaku managed to ask Lelouch if he had any siblings- something he instantly regretted after he seen the look on Lelouch's face: how the light left his eyes before he closed them, gave the saddest smile, and responded, "Oui- Nunnally."

That was all he had to say for his bed mate to shush him and tug him into his arms.

(The ninth day was the day Lelouch gave the rest of his wine to the nice young lady they passed in the hallway on the way to the second Music Room and exclaimed, "Je ne boirai plus!")

Lelouch allowed Suzaku to listen to him play, even let him actively participate in a piece that required four hands instead of two.

Suzaku, to say the least, was honored and absolutely infatuated with his (temporary) roommate- and when their heads turned and their cheeks pressed together instead, their eyelashes fluttered and they met in a mutual butterfly kiss. He thought Lelouch bold for flirting so openly, when anyone could walk in and see them together, but in the end he realized that, honestly, it wasn't worth the worry. If Lelouch was fearless, then so was he; Suzaku trusted him, and he obviously trusted Suzaku.

Not heading straight home after the peaceful moment at the piano, they took a walk around the city (hand-in-hand, and it wasn't infatuation after all if Suzaku's heart felt so full) so that Lelouch could buy souvenirs for when he went home. Naturally, he asked Lelouch where he lived. Predictably enough, the answer was Paris. What he wasn't expecting was walking into the jewelry store with Lelouch and him being asked his ring size, it eventually being ripped away from him by the demanding Frenchman and given to the jeweler (along with Lelouch's ring size, which perplexed him).

An hour later and Lelouch was presented with two, tiny dark velvet boxes with a ring in each.

One of the boxes was presented to him and shoved to his chest forcefully, him eventually grabbing the small box and cautiously opening it as Lelouch paid for the rings (how he even managed to get white gold so quick was beyond Suzaku) and dragged him out of the store to go back to the dorm.

"Aren't you going to get something else?" He asked, genuinely curious as he took the band out of its place and put the case in his pocket. "I mean, for you- surely there's something else you want here in the city."

He watched Lelouch take his own (identical) ring out and slip it onto his (left) ring finger. Flushing, tan hands followed the example, not sure if the pale man understood the significance of his actions but going along with it. "You," Lelouch said when Suzaku looked back up, only to find him gazing at him affectionately. "Je te veux."

The next three days passed without incident, going by lazily, gently, with feverish touches and quiet declarations of devotion in the Japanese male's ear. They both knew they only had three days left (technically only two, considering that Lelouch was bound to leave early to avoid any tears) and were spending it with each other- sometimes in bed in idle chatter, sometimes in the library immersed in discussion among language books (French and English), and sometimes on the bench of the piano, Suzaku so lost in Lelouch's music that he couldn't deny Lelouch when his head was turning and his lips were pressing up firmly against his own.

It was then that he decided to open his mouth, a breath away from Lelouch's, "May I... ask about Nunnally?"

Lelouch was pulling away and smiling that smile again, eyes closing and one of his hands opening for Suzaku's own. "Oui. Hand?"

Some things were better explained through touch.

Suzaku's hand slipped into Lelouch's, and he was once again letting Lelouch manipulate it as he pleased; turning it over to expose his palm, fingertips came into contact with the middle and spelled out a word (s-i-s-t-e-r) and then another accompanied by a shaky intake of breath (d-e-a-d).

He never regretted something so much in his life as he did asking Lelouch about Nunnally.

Before he could take his question back and tell Lelouch that he didn't have to say anything anymore, there were more things being spelled out (a-c-c-i-d-e-n-t {Suzaku wanted to crawl into a hole and die}) and, finally, the finger stopped and lips were returning to his own as if to stop the tumble of ohgodIamsosorry that was starting to form on Suzaku's tongue. Which was being coerced into a seductive dance, Lelouch's tongue flicking against his lips and invading without a second thought.

Eventually, Suzaku's hands were clutching at the piano, pants and boxers completely removed from his body and folded neatly on top of the piano bench, moved to the side so that Lelouch could stand behind him and make love to him like he was the only person left on Earth besides himself. (And Suzaku was so sorry- he really was.) His fingers curled around the edges of the piano, body following the steady in and out motions that Lelouch was adamant on pacing them with; he moved back, and Lelouch moved forward. They met in mutual agreement, the Frenchman's hands holding his hips in place.

Soft lips brushed against the back of his neck, and Suzaku felt Lelouch's chest pressed up against his back as if to soothe the burning that was only bothering him a little bit. Honestly, it wasn't so bad; Lelouch came prepared (condom, lube, and all), and stretched him enough for it to just be a slight discomfort when he slid in passed the first ring of muscle and then passed the second. So, really, considerate, kind, gentle Lelouch hadn't done anything wrong, and Suzaku's body wasn't rejecting him. The pain was slowly ebbing away, and he was slowly starting to push his ass back harder so he could get more of the sensation.

Picking up on Suzaku's adjustment, the elder of the two allowed a quiet moan to pass from his lips to the thick skin on the back of Suzaku's neck. Which, much to Suzaku's (pleasant) dismay, Lelouch began biting lightly and sucking on. The sheer sound of it had Suzaku's head reeling and his body shifting, settling on his elbows and forearms instead of holding on with his hands.

His jaw practically dropped when, after he shifted, Lelouch moved with him and rubbed against something inside of him and- and-- he really, really liked that, moaning when one of Lelouch's hands moved to fist him quickly (up and down, matching Lelouch's quickening in-and-out rhythm). Suzaku wasn't able to keep his mouth shut, nothing but the most eloquent words in his vocabulary leaving his mouth.

Suzaku wasn't stupid; he knew what sex was, had had it with Euphemia on numerous occasions (he wanted to be needed, too) and most, if not all, of those occasions were pleasurable.

But, it wasn't anything like this.

He could neither describe it, nor put his finger on just how much it wasn't like this without thinking he was undermining or smearing the love making process. And that wasn't something Suzaku wanted to do, because Lelouch was pressing all of the right buttons on his body as if he knew it like the back of his lovely hands. The brunet appreciated it, wanted it, and he thought that, maybe, Lelouch had sex before, too.

(A dumb, bent thought, really; but, who could think in a something resembling a straight line that didn't end somewhere in between Lelouch fucking Lamperouge's slender legs when there was a cock pounding into their ass? Yeah. No one.)

What Suzaku was finding he appreciated even more though, was the fact that his French roommate knew exactly when to speed up and bury himself in to the hilt. There was nothing detached about the kisses Lelouch was scattering across his neck and back to muffle his own quiet noises, nothing cold about how his breathing was labored when he panted out heat against Suzaku's skin, and no nagging in the back of his head that anyone could walk in right then and see them in the throes of passion. If anything, that turned him on even more.

He and Euphemia never were adventurous in this way. Sure, when she was at the office late when she had her part time job last summer and needed someone there with her. Suzaku went to her and kept her company. She had the keys to the building, and it wasn't like anyone would walk in. Euphemia was always lovely in the dresses she picked out for work, all light-colored and clinging to her body; it was natural that, when she'd put her hands over his, that he'd clear her desk and do what she wanted him to.

Lelouch was different from Euphemia. He was all dark colors, straight hair, and dramatic hand gestures; he had a smile that made Suzaku melt, and eyes that spoke things Suzaku knew weren't empty lies. (And, if there was one thing Suzaku couldn't forgive, couldn't stand, it was a liar.)

All he cared about when white stardust exploded over the expanse of his vision was the fact that Lelouch whispered something in his native language in his ear, making Suzaku want to do nothing more than cry- cry to someone, something, some make believe Shinto God that he never believed in after he turned fifteen.

("Je t'aime, Suzaku.")

That was the last time Lelouch called him by just 'Suzaku'.

Suzaku woke up early the day Lelouch had to leave, hands searching out the warmth that was supposed to be next to him; thanking his lucky stars, that source of warmth was still there, albeit fully clothed and petting his hair in leisurely strokes. He moved closer to the other, seeking him for the comfort he hoped he'd get. The kind of comfort that was temporary, but would warm him and then put him back to sleep so he wouldn't have to risk the heartbreak of Lelouch leaving.

It came to the point in Suzaku's morning where he was fully awake and processing what day it was and what would be happening that day.

Immediately he shot up from bed, staring at his bemused lover (right?) with raised eyebrows. He looked from him to the digital clock on the headstand (not yet time for Lelouch to leave), to Lelouch's packed bags on the floor. Opening his mouth to question the other, Suzaku quickly got a shake of the head as a telltale sign that he just shouldn't speak.

So Suzaku reached over instead, fingers brushing against the back of Lelouch's neck before they clamped down and brusquely tugged Lelouch up against him, lips crushed together and teeth clicking against each other. There was a moan at the contact resulting from the man who was leaving in less than two hours, his hands coming out to steady himself. One landed on Suzaku's chest, and the other settled on his shoulder, both sounding with the familiar smacking sound (if Lelouch's palm smacking Suzaku's rear end last night had anything to say that morning) on Suzaku's bare skin.

Not bothering to worry about the sudden sting he felt in two places, the brunet sighed into Lelouch's mouth, the fingers on Lelouch's neck skimming upwards into his hair and running through the dark strands gingerly. Soon, he would have to let Lelouch go so he could catch his flight...

But until then, Lelouch Lamperouge and his wandering hands -- fingertips pressing along each muscle on his front, dipping into each curve and the jut of his hipbone -- were all his.

With a sort of gentleness that he knew only Lelouch possessed, a hand rose and touched the darkened area under his right eye. His mouth opened then and said, "Monsieur Suzaku- vous devriez dormir." It was a suggestion suggested right before Lelouch leaned in and placed a kiss under each of Suzaku's eyes, left hand cupping Suzaku's cheek to stop him from turning away from the attention he was given.

Suzaku made a quiet noise of disapproval at the words without knowing what they all meant, but not the touches; in fact, he leaned into them, trying to chase the sensation.

"One more time," he muttered as he pulled Lelouch flush against him and kissed him, softly. "Before you go. Don't leave me without that at least."

Melting into the kiss and the warmth Suzaku's body provided, his partner complied to his wish of 'one more time'.


Suzaku woke up irritated again.

Gino was back, chatting away with Euphemia on his bed (Suzaku wouldn't tell him that Lelouch already changed the sheets before he left) about something or another. He caught bits and pieces of it as he sat up, running a hand through his hair to soothe himself; he wasn't going to be a willing participant in a conversation about bunny girls and cute redheads of all things. (... Lelouch was a pervert, what could he say?)

Of course, his luck was just as bad as its always been; Gino turned his head at the right moment and grinned right at him.

"Hey, Suzaku! It's been a while," he said, getting off his bed to walk over to Suzaku with a piece of paper in his hand. Once he reached his destination -- a danger zone he knew better than to step in at the moment -- the blond shoved that paper at the other and laughed. "Euphy translated it for you! We have no idea what the context is, but we figured you would know?"

His mood hit an all-time low when he read the message ("Merci d'exister. Je suis heureux de te rencontrer.") and the slanted writing under it that could only belong to Euphemia ("Thank you for existing. I'm happy I met you.").

He hit his forehead with his left hand.

"That... that guy is impossible!"

"Ha- I take it your roommate was hard to handle?" His friend asked, sitting on the bed with him as he shifted to sit on the edge. "Who was it anyway- and what's up with the ring? Did you fly somewhere and get married?"

"Lelouch Lamperouge- a French student, of course. Did you expect anything less?" He answered, fingers massaging his temple before he eyed his ring, sitting simply on his left ring finger. It brought a smile to his face, and he couldn't help but bring it to his lips and kiss it. "No... it was a present. Not really any of your business, don't you think?"

Blue eyes twinkled curiously and he inhaled. "Uh- Lelouch Lamperouge?" The younger questioned, brow arching in confusion.


And then there was silence; the awkward kind that Suzaku never quite knew what to do with, so he got up and opened one of his drawers to slip the note in it. He wasn't so sure that was the right thing to do with it, but- until he figured out the right way, his drawer would have to do. Suzaku sighed and tugged out a white button-up, slipping it on when he felt eyes on him.

And then Euphemia giggled and said, "I don't think he knows who he is, Monsieur Weinberg!"

That caught Suzaku's attention real quick; one, because how dare she talk as if she knew Lelouch when she only came around once and played translator for a day. And two, because she really had no right saying anything at that moment. So he sent a small glare, hoping it would stop her from talking further.

However, Gino picked up her slack and continued, "Of course- no one knows the name of a famous French pianist! Ex-pianist now, but still famous- one who stopped playing after his sister died-"

He snapped. "Don't talk about Lelouch and Nunnally like that- you don't know. You didn't see the look on his face when I asked him about his self," Suzaku said, voice raising as he sent heated glares at them both to just quiet them. When it did quiet them, he went on, "How long ago was it- that Nunnally died?"

(How could they talk about it so easily?)

Lilac eyes seemed frightened for a moment (a moment where Suzaku felt guilty for shouting), before glossed lips stammered out his answer, "F-four years, Suzaku. She's been dead for four years; she died in an accidental bombing."

With that information, Suzaku stomped out of the room and ran.

It took Suzaku seven minutes to get to the dean's office, pushing the door open with renewed strength. Almost immediately, the dean's eyes flew to the student, regarding him in a calculating manner before his lips blossomed into a smile fit for the Cheshire Cat.

"Was there something you needed from me, Kururugi? Surely you wouldn't burst into my office without something to say!" He drawled lazily, motioning to one of the seats in front of his desk with one hand. "Come, come- sit! Tell me what's on your mind."

Green eyes narrowed at the dean ('Lloyd Asplund' on a gold plate on his desk), before he gave in and closed the door, only to walk over to the chair Lloyd gestured him to and sit down. "About... the student who came here in Gino's place; what was he here to study?"

"Why, music of course! That boy is extremely talented- why do you ask?"

"I-I want- I want to talk to him again. Did he leave any contact information," Suzaku asked, wanting nothing more than to call Lelouch and apologize to him for everything- for asking about Nunnally, for not holding him sooner, and for not holding on tight enough to him. (And, later, apologize to Euphemia and Gino for lashing out at them.)

He probably loved Lelouch.

"Not exactly! But, he did come to my office earlier. He told me that he enjoyed him time here, and that he would sign up again! The next program is in the Spring, however- the last time I heard, you were going to be visiting your cousin Kaguya, were you not?"

Irk, Suzaku's mind provided. Would he give a chance to see Kaguya up to meet with Lelouch again...?

Amused, the dean pushed a folder across his desk over to Suzaku. "You can see him again in two years. Your family should always come first, Kururugi- besides, you'll have more time to obtain some common ground with him until then! You could learn French from Cecile and learn how to play the piano! I'm sure no one's played for him since his sister passed away," he advised, quiet and steady.

His decision was made right then and there.

Bonjour. | Good morning.
Vos yeux sont très verts. Elles sont belles. | Your eyes are very green. They're beautiful.
Oui, je suis venu de France. Je peux écrire en anglais, mais ne le parle pas. | Yes, I came from France. I can write in English, but not speak it.
Quant à la communication ... nous pouvons toucher les uns les autres. | As for communication... we can touch each other.
Belle. | Beautiful.
Vingt-deux. | Twenty-two.
Et vous? | And you?
Oui. | Yes.
Buvez avec moi? | Drink with me?
Il neige au début de Britannia. | It snows early in Britannia.
Comment vous sentez-vous? | How are you feeling?
Mal? | Bad?
Permettez-moi de le fixer. | Let me fix it.
Je ne boirai plus! | I will not drink anymore!
Je te veux. | I want you.
Je t'aime. | I love you.
Vous devriez dormir. | You should sleep.
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