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( spiral drabble challenge ) salt, heartbeat.

title: salt.
rating: k.
summary: ( prompt ) ayumu / madoka. "We're too used to each other."
pairings: really light ayumu/madoka.
warnings: none this time! surprise, surprise.
notes: none this time, either. i actually like how this one turned out, considering it's rather light.
There's something that irks Kiyotaka; no, it's not jealousy, so to speak, but -- then again, he wouldn't be able to identify if it sat in his lap, called him 'papa', and then punched him in the throat. And, this is most definitely punching him in the throat and suffocating him with one hand.

... kind of. It's his own fault, after all; he shouldn't have asked in the first place.

(It actually makes him laugh more than it irks him, though. If he's honest with himself, he would say that it doesn't really irk him at all. He just wants to think that he can hold a petty grudge, and- well, details.)

Regardless, he watches Ayumu hand Madoka the salt shaker and wonders if he should warn her. But, she gets mad when she's interrupted during a rush, so he keeps quiet.

Ayumu, on the other hand, has grown accustomed to the morning rush and watches his sister out of the corner of his eye as she tells him that she wants Italian for dinner tonight and pours the contents of the salt shaker into her coffee. He just mutters an 'alright' and focuses back on the task at hand, rinsing the last dish off under the warm water with his left hand -- only half-vaguely noting that he feels a bit queasy this morning -- before setting the plate with the rest of the dishes to dry.

He's only half-surprised when an arm wraps around his shoulders and squeezes him against a warm side, giving his sister-in-law a side glance. Really, he doesn't need to be coddled just because his body is going to fail and his organs are going cave in on themselves. He does not tell her that, instead smiling and shooing her away so that she can actually get to work on time.

Right after she flashes him a bright smile, she quickly grabs her porta-coffee and shoots out the kitchen passed Kiyotaka, hollering for her husband to hurry it up and sending Ayumu a 'I'll be home as soon as possible'.

They have gone through this routine before the past few years Kiyotaka hasn't been around, but there are three things that take the routine and throw it down the sink's drain: that hug, the fact that her husband is actually home now, and the thing she last said to Ayumu. Usually, it's something about being home late or about dinner being ready by the time she gets home (late or not) -- not 'I'll be home as soon as possible'. It makes him smile a little bit more genuine as he turns the water off and slides over to the counter.

Quickly, he takes the salt shaker in hand and opens it, reaching over to grab the sugar container and pulling it his way. With practiced ease, he opens the lid and dumps the tiny edible crystals into the container, screws the cap back on the shaker, and sets the lid back on the container. Ayumu looks up at the cabinets, reaching up with his free hand to open one of them and sliding the empty shaker into the only empty space there.

When he looks back at the open doorway, his brow arches at the mortified Kiyotaka still standing there. "What?" He questions as he starts on pouring his brother coffee, too.

Snapping out of his stupor, Kiyotaka chuckles a bit and shuffles over to the other who just hands him his thermo. "I'm just surprised that she hasn't run back in here yet to pour her salty coffee down the drain."

"Salty coffee?" Ah. "That wasn't salt."

"Wasn't it?"

"No. That was sugar," Ayumu states, clear cut and blunt. When his brother tilts his head in inquiry, he decides to take pity on him and elaborate, "It's a lot easier to just put sugar in a separate salt shaker in the morning because of how often she mistakes the salt for the sugar."

"And she just... takes it?"

A shrug. "We're too used to each other."
title: heartbeat.
rating: pg.
summary: ( prompt ) kiyotaka | ayumu, brotherly love.
pairings: kiyotaka/ayumu.
warnings: borderline incestuous, borderline selfcest (kiyotaka and the clone of kiyotaka bluh), angst.
notes: Cal, kill me now there's a lack of teasing and i am distinctly displeased with it. >8( the link to the song is to set the mood or something, idk...
"I could play for you too, you know?"

It's something said after teasing banter that Kiyotaka had thought would cheer Ayumu up, after the ruffling of untameable brown hair, and the meeting of hazel eyes; the fact that it's said after his brother has been playing around this entire time isn't really what surprised Ayumu. What surprises him is the way God says it, like a request and not a playful suggestion-of-an-option-that-isn't-really-an-option.

It is the way that he says it like a hesitant almost-question that makes Eve unable to say 'no'. He just stares at Kiyotaka for a long moment before he pushes everything in front of his away and shifts backwards so that his original can squeeze in. It's all awkward angles and crammed space, but they make it work for them both. Kiyotaka is human enough to look almost shy before he lifts what's hiding the piano's keys from him and gently places his fingers over the ivory, as if they are sacred and fragile.

Ayumu knows that it has been a while and knows that Kiyotaka sacrificed the piano once already long ago, but the song that his brother plays for him and him alone is lonely and makes him seem small compared to Ayumu with his drawn up knees and closing eyes.

They're both lost someone irreplaceable in their lives and it certainly reflects in the other male's playing. Kiyotaka, who lost Yaiba because of fate, and Ayumu, who lost Hizumi because of free will -- they really aren't so different, tugged along by life like a boat by the waves.

That is why, when Kiyotaka finishes, he slides closer and rests his left side against Kiyotaka's right.

"I thought you were supposed to be cheering me up. That was just plain depressing," he says smoothly, blandly, not a single syllable out of place so that he can be the impenetrable fortress of support that he needs to be for everyone around him.

It has the desired affect, all the same: the other male snorts indelicately and leans Ayumu's way, accepting the offered not-so-backhanded comfort he's being given. His close is alive and... relatively well, so that's all that matters in the moment. Ayumu is warm, too, so that should count for something.

"The next time you play for me, I want to hear a rebellious song," Ayumu continues after a few moments of silence, ploughing onwards always. "And then the time after the next, I want to hear a love song." Because, while he may have a more than sympathetic ear and a ready shoulder for everyone, he has a venomous tongue when it's needed, too. There are no evil words between them -- not even the words that Ayumu has already said -- and they both know that well.

Especially when those words are accompanied by the tender brush of slender fingers over Kiyotaka's right arm. Kiyotaka is well aware of the solid weight against his side and even more aware of the painfully honest smile on his younger brother's face, so he decides that it's better not to speak up. Instead, he tilts his head to bump it against Ayumu's own, not entirely sure why his eyes are misty and why his vision is blurry.

Its has been a very, very long time since he has actually shed a tear for anyone.

Ayumu notices, but does not reach out and up to brush his fingers under Kiyotaka's eyes until Kiyotaka moves away and stands up; of course, there's wetness there, but the Destruction God before him is giving him such a sad smile.

"You might find it strange, but I don't have a tin heart," the elder admits carefully, standing firm where he is. "If you won't cry, then it's my job as your older brother to do it for you. I'm the one taking care of you, after all." A silent 'trust me' hangs in the air between them, and Ayumu uses it as incentive to smile again as a show of his thanks.

"I can't say that that's what I find strange about this situation, but... that's fine." Thanks.

Tears drying rapidly, Kiyotaka gives a small smile and asks, "Are you going to be alright if I leave you here alone?"

"Yeah, I'll be alright. You don't have to worry about me." Because, Ayumu can cover his own scars and lick his own wounds. He's not weak anymore. "Besides, isn't sister waiting outside? You shouldn't make a lady wait. She might try to kick the door down."

Both of them laugh at that, and Kiyotaka turns away; not just in time, however, to miss the look on Ayumu's face that makes him turn back and wrap his arms around Ayumu's shoulders.

He can stay for a little while longer.
Tags: c: ayumu narumi, c: kiyotaka narumi, c: madoka narumi, p: ayumu/madoka, p: kiyotaka/ayumu, r: k+, r: pg, type: ou, | spiral: suiri no kizuna
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